Presidential News and Notes – September, 2015

LIS Chapter of Beta Phi Mu – Presidential News and Notes

By Jim Tammaro, Chapter President

  • The LIS Chapter held a board meeting on September 16th. During the meeting a number of subjects were discussed.  Some of the more important subjects included:
    • Based on early returns, it appears the membership is voting in favor of the changes in the chapter by-laws. Once the voting period is officially ended, if the by-laws are approved, a copy of the amended by-laws will be uploaded to the chapter’s website.
    • Major improvements have been made in the chapter’s website which should prove to be a benefit to the entire membership.
    • The chapter will hold an induction ceremony for new members of the chapter on Monday, October 5th at 7:00 PM in a meeting room on the 5th floor of Baldy Hall on the North Campus of SUNY Buffalo. The room will be equipped with telecommunications equipment so that chapter members from outside the Buffalo Area can participate in the induction ceremony.
    • The board approved supporting various LIS events such as the Bobinski Lecture Series talks by having chapter members volunteer to assist with the preparations for the events.
    • The board determined to hold the annual chapter meeting sometime in April of 2016.
    • The next board meeting will be held Wednesday, November 18th at 6:30 PM in a meeting room on the 5th floor of Baldy Hall on the north campus of SUNY Buffalo.