2020 Bobinski Lecture – Save the Date!

The UB Information Science Department's annual Bobinski Lecture will be held Wed. April 1, 2020. Speaker Emily Drabinski will present "Critical Librarianship and the Problem of Empire" . You can find more detailed information as well as registration information here.
BPM has always been supportive of this event, so if you live in the Buffalo area and would like to volunteer to help out, please contact Brenda Battleson White (blb@buffalo.edu).

Welcome 2019 Initiates!

I'd like to welcome our new initiates from the 2019 graduating class: Rebekah E. Burke, Christine S. Fena, Gina Nortonsmith and  Kelly Cheverko Palmese. Congratulations on your stellar academic work and dedication to the profession. WELCOME!